Another 500Mbit/s for the Tor network  (88%)

A year after the first nodes run by Nos oignons, we have launched a new node, hosted by a French non-profit Tetaneutral.

This new relay, running since Saturday November 15th 2014, will be moving more and more traffic until it gets to its theoretical capacity of 500 Mbit/s.

We named this new node Marylou with reference to the character of the novel Mockingbird written by Walter Tevis. Thus Marylou is joining the 3 other nodes set up by Nos oignons.

In order to limit the use of physical space and the power consumption, Marylou is running on an Intel NUC i5-4250U, 8GB of RAM DDR3 so-dimm and a SSD Crucial M500 of 120GB.

We would like to thank all the people who helped to make possible its implementation.

Thanks to the membership fees and the other numerous donations, Nos oignons has enough funds to run the nodes for 6 months.

We want to set up more exit nodes and every donation counts. Get involved to help Tor development in France and defend our electronic communications freedoms!