125 Mbit/s added to the Tor network  (100%)

This Autumn, Nos Oignons increased the capacity of the Tor network by 125 Mbit/s through three new exit nodes.

It has not been easy to transform our first server into an exit node. After several months and repeated calls, an anonymous donor finally provided hardware that was powerful enough. We then had to get through remaining administrative matters before we could put the 100 Mbit/s provided by Liazo at the service of the Tor users. For technical reasons, the load is split among two relays, named marcuse1 and marcuse2.

In addition to these two relays, ekumen started its life as an exit node in October. Four months earlier, the hosting company Gandi changed the pricing (fr) of its virtual machine. Several Tor relay operators had to cut their relays off after the shift. When we contacted Gandi to discuss the issue, they offered to sponsor a 25 Mbit/s exit node. Nos Oignons started its operation at the end of the summer.

Thanks to member subscriptions and many donations, our non-profit organization should have enough funds to continue its current operations for the next ten months. We want to setup new exit nodes: every donation will help!

During the summer, Nos Oignons was present at several meetings and conferences: the 14th Libre Software Meeting in Brussels, a meeting with other torservers.net partners in Munich, the OHM2013 camp near Amsterdam, DebConf13 close to Yverdon-les-Bains, and more recently with a talk at the Ubuntu Party 13.10 in Paris.

Thanks to everyone who took the opportunity to show their support to the Tor network and Nos Oignons' project!