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To get an idea, with our current estimates, each 100 Mbit/s relay costs sligthly less than 300 € per month. A 10 € donation will let us run one relay for one day.

Financial state1

An oignon represents one month of operation2.
Whenever we have funding for more than 6 months, we try to start a new exit node. Below 3 months, we shall have to close an existing relay.

Donate by credit card

em>As banks are being bad to the Fund for Defense of Net Neutrality, our preferred way to to accept credit cards is unavailable. It is still possible to use PayPal or HelloAsso.

By PayPal

Payments through PayPal costs 0.25€ + 1.4%. For 10€, PayPal will keep 0.39€. For 100€, PayPal will keep 1.65€.

Single Donation
Monthly donation

By HelloAsso

Donations made using HelloAsso get to us in full. The site still incites to give an extra tip for HelloAsso. The amount is free. Compared to other companies, 1€ is quite costly for a simple bank transaction. But it's great for recurring payments.


Donate by wire transfer

Nos oignons' banking information (including our IBAN) changed on January 14., 2016. You can receive the updated version by writing to our mail robot. If you donate periodically through wire transfer, please remember to update the banking details.

Most banks offer to setup periodic wire transfers. They surely help us plan the funding of the nodes better.

Using bitcoins

Make a Bitcoin donation equivalent1 to:

Watch out! Contrary to media stories, exchanges in bitcoins are not anonymous. All transactions are recorded and the whole history is public. It's one of the reasons why the system works. It means there are several ways to link a Bitcoin address and who uses it.

Les dons en Bitcoin sont temporairement suspendus suite à des difficultés administratives avec la plateforme Paymium.

By Flattr

You can support us through the Flattr micropayment platform:
Support Nos oignons using

By Liberapay

You can support us through the Liberapay recurring payments platform:
Support Nos oignons using Liberapay

In person

Members of Nos oignons are often present at public events to receive in person donations. Invite us!

How is the money spent?

Every year, we publish a financial report with details on how donations have been used:

1 :  Last update on 2018-06-08 14:56 (CET)

2 :  Stripped onions represent known future donations.