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Nos Oignons' annual budget is currently around 15,000€. We spend on average 200€ per relay per month. A 10€ donation covers about a day and a half of one relay.

Financial state1

An oignon represents one month of operation2.
Whenever we have funding for more than 6 months, we try to start a new exit node. Below 3 months, we shall have to close an existing relay.

Posters and postcards

In the spirit of our 2018's campaign, we'll still send you goodies to thank you for your donation.

Donate by credit card

By HelloAsso

HelloAsso do not take a percentage of your donation. 100% of what you donate is transfered to the organization. However, their interface will prompt you to make a donation to HelloAsso as well. You can choose the amount. Feel free to change the suggested value. and beware, the default “tip” can be over 20% of your donation! (Other services will usually cost between 1% and 5%.) HelloAsso can also be a good option for recurring donations, as you can select “no tip”, whereas other services will take a percentage every time you donate.


By PayPal

Payments through PayPal costs 0.25€ + 1.4%. For 10€, PayPal will keep 0.39€. For 100€, PayPal will keep 1.65€.

Single Donation
Monthly donation

Donate by wire transfer

You can get our wire transfer address (IBAN) by writing an email to our answering machine.

Most banks offer to setup periodic wire transfers. They surely help us plan the funding of the nodes better.

Using bitcoins

Give 5€ using Bitcoin Give 10€ using Bitcoin Give 25€ using Bitcoin Give 50€ using Bitcoin Give 100€ using Bitcoin Give 200€ using Bitcoin

By Liberapay

You can support us through the Liberapay recurring payments platform:
Support Nos oignons using Liberapay

In person

Members of Nos oignons are often present at public events to receive in person donations. Invite us!

How is the money spent?

Every year, we publish a financial report with details on how donations have been used:

1 :  Last update: 2023-11-12 17:45 (CET)

2 :  Stripped onions represent known future donations.