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  • To contact the organization: contact at
  • For abuse notifications: abuse at


Through postal mail

  • Write to:

    Nos oignons
    Centre UBIDOCA, 7585
    4 rue du Bulloz
    74940 Annecy

By phone

  • Number: +33 9 72 42 96 04

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  • Number: +33 9 72 42 96 06

Autres contacts

  • Si vous êtes confronté·e à des contenus ou des comportements illicites au cours de votre utilisation d'Internet, vous pouvez le signaler à : (

How do we handle abuse notifications?

We read every messages sent to abuse at We take the time to reply to each of those which ask for an answer.

If we find out that messages are sent by the same server in a fully automated manner and that our replies are left in the cold, we will ignore following similar messages. We have no interest in trying to talk to computer programs…