Two talks and a first relay  (100%)

This year's Toulouse Hacker Space Factory was the very first opportunity to introduce the project Nos Oignons to a live audience. From attendees who were hearing about Tor for the first time to those who already run relays, all were supportive of our will to enhance Tor usability. The recording is available for those who understand French and would like to understand what motivates Nos Oignons.

We did it again a month later during Pas Sage En Seine. One evening during the conference, four out of five members of the advisory board were in the same room, something that have never happened before!

We are currently doing the necessary tests with the first relay of Nos oignons, hosted by Liazo.

The first server that was given to us unfortunately revealed itself too constrained to relay more than 25 Mbit/s (a quarter of the current network capacity).

We are actively working on a replacement.

The relay is not yet an exit node: we still need to complete the paperwork to get phone and fax lines. Then we will be able to get our own entry in the RIPE database. This should happen soon.

For the month we have been collecting donations and subscriptions, we already got 1,000€! If we substract other costs, it is enough to cover 4 months of this first relay. has just started a crowdfunding operation to collect donations for several organizations similar to Nos Oignons. Spread the word!

To make monetary contributions to Nos oignons, we continue to accept credit cards and we can now accept direct wire transferts. A 100 Mbit/s relay has 100 times the capacity of a relay on a ADSL line for a cost than is 10 times inferior. Every donation helps!

If you want to meet us, Nos Oigons will be at the 14th Libre Software Meeting, July 6-11, 2013 in Brussels and at the OHM camp, July 31 to August 4, 2013, near Amsterdam.