Nos Oignons' donation campain and video  (92%)

Nos Oignons' donation campain and video - Spring 2023

Take part to the Tor network by supporting Nos oignons!

To celebrate its 10th year of existence, Nos Oignons is launching a new donation campain.

The Tor Browser is, like the usage of the Tor network, free. But maintaining the computers composing the network costs money, and our financial capacities are currently quite low. To continue to run our relays, but also, if possible, to open new ones et keep growing the Tor network in France, we're asking again for donations.

Tor is now more than ever essential. We commissioned[1] a explainatory video (with english subtitles) on Tor's details and on the reasons to make it thrive:

Help us grow our "Springs onions" for the Tor network by making a donation. If you're able to, recuring donations are even more appreciated, since they allow us to plan in advance.

We still have some cards (in french) and posters from our previous campain, and we'll send them until there is none, to anyone making a recuring donation, or a one-shot one above 30 euros (send us an email to with the date, how you sent us the money, and the amount - delivery in France is done via "point relais").

We're also always interested about hosting opportunities for new relays. Let us know if this is something you can provide!

[1] by Magali Magraph