Fruitful harvest and non-conformist mathematicians  (100%)

Nos Oignons' fundraising for 2015 has now reached its term after three months, gathering more than 5500€.

Before starting this campaign, we were talking about closing one of our relays. We now have enough to cover our current expenses until June 2016!

Big thanks to everyone!

Almost a fifth of the donations were given in-person during on of the many conferences that we attended this summer. Meeting people committed to support freedom of expression is always heartwarming.

During this month, our supporters were given the chance to “adopt an onion” by proposing names for our next relay. The winner is… AlGrothendieck. Alexander Grothendieck was a genius mathematician who died last year. His huge and original lead to revolutionary advance in many area of pure mathematics. Stateless, he lived mainly in France. He has rejected institutions, honors and awards. He was a convinced anti-militarist and ecologist, and he lived in accordance with his principles.

Now that we have a name, we hope to be able to use it soon for a new relay. Of course, we still welcome more donations. Although we want to keep diversity in the Tor network, there is room to increase Nos Oignons' bandwidth.

A smiling onion