New exit node for Nos oignons!  (100%)

Nos oignons is proud to announce that we have a new exit node hosted by Milkywan : arecoque.

It has been named as an homage to Alice Recoque, pioneer of computer science, especially in artifical intelligence. She also contributed to the creation of the CNIL in 1978! She died in January 2021.

This relay adds around 100Mbps to the Tor network, increasing Nos Oignons' contribution by around 20%.

It's an amazing news, both for the Tor network and for Nos Oignons. But please note that this new node deployement was only made possible thanks to recent consequent sporadic donations. We don't have enough fund to maintain it for more than a couple of months, so don't hesitate to donate a couple of bucks.

This news is a nice opportunity to announce the significant bandwith increase of mwittig, from 150kbps à 2Mbps thanks to DATA EXPERTISE!