Technical documentation public release  (100%)

Behind Nos oignons, there are several teams: one to handle abuses, the boards of directors to deal with the routine tasks, .. and the sysadmin one who takes care of the machines.

It's not always easy to manage servers as a collective when most of those systems were designed with the lonesome sysadmin scheme in mind. We had to develop collective tools in order to share the tasks and knowledge.

Today, we are glad to make our documentary database publicly available in which you will find details on how we monitor our system configurations, the procedure to create a new Tor node or how to welcome newcomers to the team.
We've put a lot of efforts to sort out the information, while making sure not to disclose any sensitive parts, such as the contact details of our providers.

To celebrate this, one of our sysadmin gave a “lighting talk” at the, before over 400 people, including our friends of Frënn vun der Ënn, the luxembourgish equivalent of Nos oignons.

A pad is available for feedback purpose or you can use the address which accepts OpenPGP

You can get the key by sending an email to the autoresponder
Its fingerprint is : 02C6 FBC9 8929 A4D2 8D33 E30F 9F29 C15D 42A8 B6F3.

Nos oignons is proud to make its documentation available under the CC-BY-SA license.