Only five days left to pick the name of our next relay !  (88%)

We have reached the final days of our donation run for 2015. It's still time to take part in the competition to pick the name of the next relay that Nos Oignons will setup.

Adopte un oignon

For any donation above 2€, you can send an email to with your proposal for a name. Don't forget to mention the date and the donated amount.

The name for our next relay will be picked between 3 randomly chosen proposals, and will be announced on September 15th.

For inspiration, you can elaborate on our current homages to political philosphy, an universe in which humans help each others through an interplanetary communication network, or to a character fighting against a life of boredom.

Today, Nos Oignons brings more than 500 Mbit/s of bandwidth to the Tor network, a bit less than 4% of its exit capacity.

Help us continue to protect online communications!