Reports, posters, and conferences  (100%)

Nos Oignons has just lived its first year. The activity report for 2012-2014 and the financial report for year 2013 (both in French) have been approved by the general assembly. Together with renewing the mandate for the current board.

In order to better understand what Tor protects, Nos Oignons has printed 1000 A2 posters (in French, size 420 × 594 mm). Based on the Tor and HTTPS visualization initially made by the EFF, they will be available on a “give what you can, take what you need” basis.

Events happening next weeks will be good opportunities to get one. Volunteers from Nos Oignons will be in Paris for Pas Sage En Seine 2014, Foire à l’autogestion 2014, and the Tails HackFest 2014; also in Montpellier for the Libre Software Meeting 2014.

For those who can be there and who would like to show support, contact us. We should be able to arrange postal expeditions.