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"Adopt an onion [1]" campaign

(part of :
"Contibute to Tor network with Nos oignons" 
https://nos-oignons.net/campagne2015/index.en.html )

>From June 15th to August 15th, for any donation above 2 €,
you can propose a name of our next Tor relay !

For the records, our current relays are named : "Marcuse", "Ekumen" and

Herbert Marcuse was a 20th century marxist philosopher and sociologist.
In "One-Dimensional Man" he critics consumerism
as a form of social control.
This name has been chosen to claim the wish of an Internet 
that is not only a space for consumption.

Ekumen is an intergalactic political organisation in 
the Ursula Le Guin science-fiction work.
>From Wikipedia :
    Ekumen was made possible thanks to the invention of the "ansible",
    a machine capable of instantaneous transmission of information.
    The physical trip nevertheless still subject to classic physical 
    principles, meaning there is no way to go faster than light speed.
This constraint renders the creation of a military force impossible.
Such force would not make any sense : most of the protagonists of a
conflict would die before they get there. It is then mostly a space 
of sharing knowledge for the common good.

Marylou is a character from the novel "Mocking Bird" by
Walter Tevis. In this novel, the robots handle all the labor, 
and mankind is reduced to consuming government-provided tranquilisers.
Marylou is a rebel woman in this system, who illegaly lives
in a Zoo by exploiting the robots' flaws. There, she meets Paul
Bentley, one of the few who still knows how to read, and Spoffort, an
android desperatly looking for a way to commit suicide.
Marylou leads those two others characters through a search 
for liberty and meaning.

To contribute, send an email to adopt.an.onion at nos-oignons.net,
with the day, hour, amount and mean of payment 
(transfer, cash, paypal, bitcoin) of your donation,
along with your suggestion.

We will choose between 3 proposals, picked up randomly
(and, if we like some of the non-chosen proposals, we won't forget them
for our followings relays :) )

We are waiting for your ideas !

Nos oignons

[1] : About the name: in French the idiom for “mind your own business”
is “mind your own onions”. So, we are minding ours, and these are your
See https://nos-oignons.net/%C3%80_propos/index.en.html

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